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In the year 1996 Justice Kuldeep Singh of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India took cognizance of PIL filed by Shri M.C. Mehta regarding pollution in Delhi. Hon’ble Supreme Court directed that the DPCC should appoint consultant to study and recommend ways and means to handle industrial effluents in Delhi. DPCC appointed NEERI. NEERI after detailed survey recommended that 15 Nos CETPs should be set up in Delhi to cater to all the industrial estates of the capital. DSIIDC has directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to construct these CETPs. Hon’ble Supreme Court directed that this should be shared in the following pattern: -

  • 50% by Industries
  • 25% by Govt. of India
  • 25% by Delhi Govt.

The DSIIDC prepared estimates for setting up 15 Nos CETPs in different parts of Delhi and acquired land. It was found that NEERI had prepared an estimate which did not include cost of land, cost of conveyance of effluent from last manhole to treatment plant, cost of pump houses, charges for development of power facilities, cost of boundary walls, internal buildings, roads, laboratories etc.

DSIIDC has constructed 11 CETPs namely Wazirpur, Mangolpuri, Mayapuri, G.T.K, Badli, S.M.A, Okhla Indl. Area, Jhilmil, Nangloi, Lawrence Road & Naraina. As per the scheme approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, these CETP were to be handed over to respective CETP Societies for operation & maintenance after construction. Out of 11 constructed CETPs, 10 have been handed over to Societies except CETPs at Lawrence Road.

Hon’ble Supreme Court appointed an authority called EPCA {Environment Pollution (Prevention Control) Authority} under Shri Bhure Lal to monitor the progress of work. This Committee had a review of the work and decided that out of 15, CETPs namely Mohan Co-operative, Anand Parbat and Okhla Indl. Estate should not be constructed while the work of CETP Najafgarh should be restarted after seeing its necessity which is being reviewed.

After the receipt of the aforesaid direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Govt. of Delhi promulgated the Delhi CETP Act, 2000 and also framed the Delhi CETP Rules, 2001.

The name of the 16 no of CETP’s and their designed capacity are given below along with the type of treatment.

Sl.No. Name of CETP Capacity(MLD) Industrial Area Covered Type of Treatment
1 Wazirpur 24 Wazirpur Physico-Chemical
2 Badli 12 Badli -do-
3 GTK 6 GTK -do-
4 SMA 12 SMA, Rajasthan Udyog Nagar & SSI Indl Area -do-
5 Mayapuri 12 Mayapuri -do-
6 Nangloi 12 Udyog Nagar, DSIIDC Indl Estate -do-
7 Okhla Indl Area 24 Okhla Indl Estate -do-
8 Jhilmil 16.8 Jhilmil Indl Area & Friends Colony -do-
9 Naraina 21.6 Naraina Indl Area -do-
10 MongolPuri 2.4 Mongolpuri indl Estate Phase-III Biological
11 Lawrence Road 12 Lawrence Road Indl Area Physico-Chemical
12 Najafgarh Road 8.6 Najafgarh Road Indl Estate+Kirti Nagar and Moti Nagar -do-
13 Mohan Co-operative Indl Estate 16.8 Mohan Co-operative Indl Estate -do-
14 Okhla Indl Estate 12 Okhla Indl Estate -do-
15 Anand Parbat 24 Anand Parbat Indl Area -do-
16 Narela - Narela -do-

Besides above CETPs DSIIDC has constructed two more CETPs at Narela and Bawana having a capacity of 22 MLD and 35 MLD respectively. The CETP Bawana is being run by DSIIDC while CETP Narela is being handed over to CETP Society Narela for its Operation and Maintenance. The CETP at Narela and Bawana are having Physico Chemical Treatment Process, Bio-logical treatment which is followed by Tertiary Treatment.

All the CETP’s societies are being registered under Registrar of Society Act the CETP societies which are registered under the society of the Registration Act. A CETP Act, 2000 has been enacted for running of the CETP’s and CETP Rules, 2001 has been also made for this purpose. The names of CETP societies are given below:-

  1. CETP Mayapuri Indl Area CETP society.
  2. SMA North West Indl Area CETP Society.
  3. Okhla Indl Area CETP Society.
  4. Mongolpuri Indl Area Ph-I & Ph-II CETP society.
  5. Badli Indl Estate CETP society.
  6. G.T.K. Karnal Road Indl Estate Society.
  7. Keshav Puram Indl Area CETP Society.
  8. Jhilmil & Friend Colony Indl Area CETP Society.
  9. Wazirpur Indl Pollution Control (CETP) Society.
  10. DSIIDC & Udyog Nagar CETP Society.
  11. Naraina Indl Area CETP Society.
  12. Najafgarh Road & Moti Nagar Indl Area.
  13. Okhla Indl Estate CETP Society.
  14. Mohan Co-operative Indl Estate CETP society.
  15. Anand Parbat Industrial Area CETP Society
  16. CETP Narela