Vehicular Pollution in Delhi

Delhi’s registered vehicular population has reached to nearly three times to 7.6 million from 2.2 million in 1994, registering a growth rate of 14% per annum. About two-Third of the Motor Vehicles are two-wheelers. Vehicular pollution is considered to be a major source of air pollution in Delhi. As per Central Pollution Control Board, the vehicular pollution load in Delhi increased by nearly 50% in 1995-96 from 1990-91. However, a decrease has been witnessed in recent years with the implementation of several control measures. Vehicular emission load reported by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Govt. of NCT. of Delhi is as under: 

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Estimated Vehicular Emission Load in Delhi(as on 2007 source DPCC)

Pollutant Pollution load (in ton/day)

Carbon Monoxide




Nitrogen oxides


Particulate Mater


Sulphur Dioxide


Last Update Date :- 08-06-2018

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