Procedure to open an Authorized Pollution checking Centre

As per rule 993 of the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993, the Commissioner Transport is empowered to grant authorisation to a Service Station Petrol Pump, Work Shop to act as Pollution checking Centre

Application: - An application for authorisation for Pollution Checking Centre shall be made by an applicant on the letter head of its firm in the prescribed format and documents as detailed in the format along with prescribed fee in the form of Bank Draft in favour of the “COMMISSIONER TRANSPORT DELHI”. At present the Fee is Rs 5000/- (Rs Five Thousand Only). The applicant is also required to furnish an affidavit on Rs 10/- non-judicial paper conforming the terms and conditions of authorisation. The authorisation once granted is valid only up to 31st March of that financial year. There upon the authorisation is renewed for a full year 1st April to 31st March on the payment of renewal fee of Rs 5000/-. The application for renewal and payment of renewal fee is to be made in advance before the beginning of next financial year for which renewal of authorisation is sought. Thereafter a late fee of Rs 500/- per month or part thereof is levied subject to a maximum of Rs 5000/-. After receipt of the application the same is scrutinized as per the eligibility criteria for authorisation of the vehicle category for which authorisation is sought and relevant guide lines. Then the site is got inspected and if the application & site fulfill all the conditions then application is sent for the approval of the Commissioner Transport. After obtaining the approval the applicant is asked to submit the proof of installation of requisite/prescribed equipment, Computer & its related accessories along with the specimen copies of the Pollution Under Control Certificate PUCC. Only on completion of the requirements the authorisation is granted. Application format, Terms and Conditions of authorisation to be deposit in the form of affidavit Rs 10 /- non judicial stamp paper and the documents required to be accompany the application are enclosed.

Last Update Date :- 08-06-2018

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