Q. Who is eligible for permit ?
;Ans. Any registered owner of a transport vehicle can apply for the permit. However there are restrictions or permits are made available only after notification of Government 

Q. When can permits be applied? 
Ans. Normally permits can be applied any time. However the stage carriage permits are only issued at the time of notification as per policy. Further Supreme Courts direction for switching over to CNG made of fuel have also to be complied with at the time of issue (or renewal) of permits. 

Q. Who enforces the permit condition? 
A. The Enforcement wing of Transport Department inspect the permit conditions. The Delhi Traffic Police also sometime given responsibility to check as per guidelines by court or Transport Department. 

Q. What are the forms of permit application and formats? 
A. Since different informations are required in different kind of permits so S.T.A. Delhi time to time keep on changing the formats of applications and permits. However the forms of permits for following categories as per CMVR 1989 are enclosed. 

Q. What is the action taken against violation of permit conditions especially by stage carraige buses. 
A. Action is taken by STA against these offenders u/s 86 of MV Act fro suspension/cancellation of permits.

Q.Where do I have to apply for different permits? 
Ans. Except for autos, taxis, phat-phats, eco-friendly vehicle, whose permits are issued from Burari, the permits for other vehicles are issued from S.T.A. branch, 5/9, Underhill Road, Delhi -54. 

Download Form 45- Application for grant of permit of Tourist Vehicles.

Download Form 46-Application for grant of Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit.

Download Form 48-Application for grant of National permits.

Last Update Date :- 08-06-2018

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