Approach For Permit
Where to Approach for Permit
1. For Auto Rickshaw/Taxi(DL1T)/Eco Friendly(DL1W)/Phatphat Sewa(DL1Q)/Radio Taxi(DL1RT) 
Office of Motor Licence Officer (Auto Rickshaw and Taxi) 
Premise of ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi.
2. For Tourist Taxi(DL1Y/DL1Z/DL1N)
Motor Licence Officer (Tourist Taxi)
Vehicle Inspection Unit, Transport Department, Burari, Delhi110081
3. For all other permits
Office of Assistant Secretary(STA), Transport Department, 5/9, Under Hill Road, Delhi - 110054

Obtaining a permit. 

The steps of obtaining the permits is as under:

S.No. Activity Address
1. Application for LOI (for passenger vehicles only) STA Branch, U/H Road,Delhi-54
2. Issue of LOI - do -
3. Inspection of vehicle Inspection Unit Burari,Delhi-81
4. Registration of vehicle M.L.O.(HQ), U/H Road,Delhi-54
5. Issue of permit (other) i.e. at Sl.No.3 above For Buses-STA Branch, U/H Road, Delhi-54 For Autos,Taxis,Phat-phat Sewa-MLO(AR), Burari

Note-LOI is not required for goods vehicles.

Last Update Date :- 11-06-2018

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