Obtaining Fitness_Certificate.

Q. Where should I approach for fitness of vehicles ?
Ans. For Private vehicles To local zonal office, the vehicle is inspected by Motor Vehicle Inspector for registration and fitness. The dealers who are delegated the registration powers are also authorized to inspect the vehicles. These vehicles are issued the fitness certificate in registration certificate which is valid for 15 years.

Commercial vehicles 

BURARI :: DELHI-110081

REMEMBER : To drive vehicle without fitness certificate is an offense and the vehicle is treated as not registered.

Q. What is the office timings for fitness inspection of the vehicles ?

Ans. For Private vehicles public dealing hours in zonal office 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM. 

For Commercial vehicle April to September 08.30 AM to 4.30 PM
At inspection unit Burari October to March 08.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Q. What is the prescribed fee payable for fresh fitness certificate ?

Ans: Commercial vehicles

  1. Heavy Motor Vehicle = Rs. 500 only
  2. Medium Motor Vehicle = Rs. 400 only
  3. Light Motor Vehicle = Rs. 300 only
  4. Three –Wheeled Vehicle 100 100

Private vehicles fitness fee is charged along with registration fee. 

Q. Is the private Car / two wheeler owner required fitness certificate ?

Ans.Yes,the private vehicle fitness is granted for 15 years initially at the time of registration and then renewed it's fitness for next 5yearssubsequently. 

Q. What are the documents required for fitness of new vehicle ?

A. Following documents are required for fitness of new vehicle.

  1. Application From 20
  2. Sales certification Form 21
  3. Valid insurance Certificate
  4. LOI from S.T.A. ( for commercial passenger vehicles)
  5. Temporary registration if any
  6. Road worthy Certificate in form 22 from the manufacturers for road worthiness and pollution under control
  7. Prescribed Fees
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